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Small Plane 2_1900x460

Unique Approach to Designing, Developing and Implementing
Diagnosis, Prognosis and Health Monitoring (DPHM) Solutions
for Flight Control Systems and Engines

Astronaut TWO_1900x460

Pioneering the Development of Autonomous
Space Medicine Decision Support Systems
for Human Spaceflight Missions

Satellite 7_1900x460

Development of High-Fidelity, End-to-End Satellite
Simulators and Mission Planning Systems


Development & Integration of Intelligent Health Monitoring
and Fault Diagnosis Solutions for Space Vehicles


Innovative and Proprietary Space Situational Awareness (SSA)
Software and Space Mission Analysis & Design (SMAD) Capabilities


Development of Customized and Reliable Operational
Software Tools and Decision Support Systems

Dam 2_1900x460

Extraction of Hidden Knowledge from Multi-Dimensional
and Multi-Factorial Instrumentation Data

Bridge 5_1900x460

Intelligent Structural Health Monitoring (iSHM)
and Behaviour Modelling of Civil Structures

Soil Moisture_1900x460_2

Intelligence from Data for a Sustainable Earth

Radar Remote Sensing 1

Understanding the Earth through Fusion of
Machine Learning Algorithms and Remote Sensing Imagery

Corporate Profile

GlobVision develops, integrates, and markets innovative software solutions that enable informed decision-making and enhance the performance and reliability of safety-critical, business-critical and mission-critical complex systems.


Industry Sectors

GlobVision’s balanced, diversified and innovative technological activities are aligned with three strategic sectors: Space, Aerospace & Defence; Earth Observation & Geographic Information Systems (GIS); and Utilities & Infrastructure.



GlobVision’s unique blend of expertise are focused on Software Engineering and Integration; Data Analytics; Data Mining; Fault Diagnosis; Modeling, Simulation and Optimization; Data-Driven Modelling; and Computational Intelligence and Machine Learning.